Schlumberger North America Rod Lift 
  • Wide Geographical Coverage

    Schlumberger has brought together leading sucker rod pumping companies, providing complete coverage in North America.

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  • Pumping Units for All Applications and Conditions

    A comprehensive range of pumping units incorporates extensive and recent field experience into proven designs.

  • Sucker Rods, Rod Guides, Coiled Tubing, and More—Always in Stock

    High-quality sucker rods eliminate connection failures, while a range of downhole pumps and gas separators handle the toughest applications.

  • Machine Shop Capabilities in Multiple Locations

    Many years of experience in reconditioning pumping units and manufacturing unavailable parts help extend the life of your units.

  • News Find information, updates, and events from across Schlumberger Rod Lift in North America.
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  • Training Benefit from specialized training for field supervisors and pumpers, at the wellsite and in the classroom.
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  • Careers Join the team offering an industry-leading, comprehensive artificial lift portfolio.
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Total System Solutions

Our total system solutions provide the best design for longer well life and encompass pumping units, prime movers, sucker rods, and more.

Engineering Design Packages

Schlumberger provides customized design packages for sucker rod lift installations, using the latest commercially available software technology.


Advanced automation technologies and sophisticated modeling and control are increasing well uptime and reducing costs.